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WEBINAR – New Knowledge: HIV and other STBBIs among Youth

Due to a record response to this invitation we were unable to accommodate everyone who attempted to register. As a result, we are repeating this webinar and encourage you to register early UPCOMING WEBINAR (ENCORE) New Knowledge: Population-Specific Status Report – HIV and other STBBIs among Youth A new Population-Specific Status Report on HIV and… Read more »

PHAC Webinar: Community Based Social Marketing Training Pilot

WEDNESDAY MARCH 5, 2014 at 1:30PM EST* To support the efforts of community-based organizations to raise public awareness of HIV, hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBI), the Public Health Agency of Canada will be offering training in 2014 to enhance social marketing skills and knowledge. Social marketing incorporates traditional commercial… Read more »

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 6, 2014 1PM EST* The Canadian Notifiable Disease Surveillance System has been operating since 1924.  A website has recently been launched that allows users to explore the data in detail, generating charts and graphs, with data tables and limitations of the data provided. This presentation will walk potential users through the functionalities of… Read more »

Have you ever wondered how to report the implementation process of a program or effort in a more visually engaging way? In an upcoming webinar hosted by the American Evaluation Association, Artineh Samkian and Joelle Greene will discuss how process data can be displayed in a stakeholder-friendly graphic timeline, which is an efficient and creative… Read more »

Traditional evaluation reports often end up on the shelves of many decision-makers collecting dust. Reporting is an important skill for evaluators who care about seeing their results and recommendations actually implemented. In this webinar, evaluator Kylie Hutchinson of Community Solutions will help you learn how to turn your findings into something more useful and meaningful… Read more »

Are you interested in learning about program evaluation? The American Evaluation Association is hosting an online course that provides an introduction to the major steps in designing and conducting a program evaluation. Using CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation, the course will emphasize the central importance of setting the right evaluation focus and asking the right evaluation… Read more »

Are you interested in sustainable development and how the field of evaluation relates to that concept? The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) is hosting a webinar on the intersections between evaluation and sustainable development, and will explore how interventions and evaluations are lagging in addressing the sustainability imperative. See below for a description of the webinar. Sustainable… Read more »

Many people interested in gathering data for program design or evaluation purposes find that their toolkit is insufficient in gathering accurate, reliable, and relevant data in order to give voice to persons living in situations of vulnerability, powerlessness, or marginalization. The American Evaluation Association is offering a 20-minute webinar that will provide an example of… Read more »

Public Health Ontario Webinar: Evaluation at a Glance

The Public Health Ontario (PHO) is offering a webinar that provides an overview of the 10 steps in developing and implementing an evaluation. This includes planning an evaluation, developing good evaluation questions and indicators, understanding and choosing the best methods for your evaluation, and how to make best use of evaluation results. As PH examines… Read more »

CTAC Patient Input Survey on Sofosbuvir

On October 15, 2013, CTAC conducted a webinar supporting our patient input submission for sofosbuvir, a new NS5B inhibitor to treat hepatitis C. This webinar was just one step you, people with lived experience and service providers can take to support this important patient input submission on sofosbuvir – a medication that stands to change… Read more »

Sofosbuvir Patient Input Webinar – Tuesday, October 15

SOFOSBUVIR PATIENT INPUT WEBINAR TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2013, 2PM-3:30PM (EST) In preparation for our role in steering the Common Drug Review patient input submission for Sofosbuvir, a new HCV direct-acting antiviral, to treat HCV that is moving its way through the next steps of the regulatory approval process, we are hosting a national webinar to… Read more »