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In 2013, a diverse team of community-based researchers completed the Food Security Study, which explored the relationship between food, nutrition, and health for people living with HIV in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. Recently they published postcards and fact sheets with their study findings. They also shared some of their housing-related data from BC with… Read more »

Mapping Home: Positive Living, Positive Homes at CAHR 2016

The Canadian Association of HIV Research held its 2016 annual conference from May 11-15 in Winnipeg this year, and for the first time, the Positive Living Positive Homes team was there. Darren Lauscher, peer consultant, and Heather Picotte, study manager, discussed using a visual method in which HIV+ participants map their living space and point… Read more »

CANAC (Canadian Association for Nurses in HIV/AIDS Care) is a national professional nursing organization committed to fostering excellence in HIV/AIDS nursing, promoting the health, rights and dignity of persons affected by HIV/AIDS and to preventing the spread of HIV infection. Their 23rd Annual Conference will take place May 14-16, 2015 in Ottawa, ON. This year’s… Read more »

Over the past several months, the Canadian Medical Association conducted a nationwide consultation with Canadians abut the social determinants of health. The result is a clear message – that poverty is the main issue that must be addressed to improve the health of Canadians and eliminate health inequities. The report, Health Care in Canada: What… Read more »