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Thank you to all who have participated and/or provided support throughout recruitment for the Positive Plus One study. We are writing in order to provide you with a newsletter that summarizes our data collection, preliminary results, and outlines the study’s current direction. We are starting a new push for recruitment. We plan to be in… Read more »

As HIV rates have stabilized, HIV-positive individuals are living longer lives. More and more people today are in relationships where only one of the two people has HIV (an HIV-serodiscordant relationship). While there has been research on living with HIV, far less is known about the issues faced by HIV-serodiscordant couples. Researchers from the Dalla… Read more »

Positive Plus One is looking for a person living with HIV who has sex with men (MSM) and is currently in a relationship with a person who does not have HIV, a person living with HIV with a past relationship with someone who does not have HIV, and a heterosexual couple, where one is living… Read more »