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The Conference Report from our February 2013 Knowledge to Action event is now up on our website. The report captures the main themes of the event and also outlines the results of our evaluation of the conference, including lists of research and capacity building priorities identified by attendees. Click here to read the report. Please… Read more »

The Public Health Agency of Canada has announced the release of the Population-Specific HIV/AIDS Status Report:  Gay, Bisexual, Two-Spirit and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men, and the Population-Specific HIV/AIDS Status Report: People Living With HIV/AIDS. These reports are the fourth and fifth in a series of reports being prepared by the Public Health… Read more »

The Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation & the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America’s partnered to survey service providers to determine their existing knowledge, and their knowledge, training, technical assistance and capacity building needs in relation to older adults with HIV. To download this report, follow the link below. Responding to HIV and Aging:… Read more »

Two new documents related to STOP HIV/AIDS recently released

Two new documents have been added to the PAN website related to STOP HIV/AIDS. The first document is the STOP HIV/AIDS Leadership Committee Indicators Report.  From the introduction of the report: The progress of the STOP HIV/AIDS Pilot Project as measured by select indicators is an imperative component of project monitoring and feedback to stakeholders…. Read more »