Update on PHAC’s HIV and Hepatitis C Activities

Under the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada and the Hepatitis C Prevention, Support and Research Program, the Agency currently manages separate funding programs to support the community response to HIV and hepatitis C. The projects under these programs are in the process of being extended for three years, from April 1, 2014 –… Read more »

PHAC Webinar – World Tuberculosis Day

MONDAY MARCH 24, 2014 1PM EST* Join us as we commemorate World Tuberculosis Day 2014. This webinar will provide an opportunity to learn more about tuberculosis surveillance in Canada, as presented in recent epidemiology reports entitled Tuberculosis in Canada, 2012 – Pre-release and Tuberculosis Drug Resistance in Canada, 2012. The webinar will present  findings from … Read more »

  New Knowledge: Population-Specific Status Report – HIV and other STBBIs among Youth A new Population-Specific Status Report on HIV and other sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBIs) among Youth in Canada has been completed by the Public Health Agency of Canada. In this webinar, we will highlight key findings from this most recent… Read more »

PHAC Webinar: Community Based Social Marketing Training Pilot

WEDNESDAY MARCH 5, 2014 at 1:30PM EST* To support the efforts of community-based organizations to raise public awareness of HIV, hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBI), the Public Health Agency of Canada will be offering training in 2014 to enhance social marketing skills and knowledge. Social marketing incorporates traditional commercial… Read more »

Thursday, Dec. 5th 2013 @1:00pm EST The Public Health Agency of Canada has developed interim infection prevention and control guidance for healthcare organizations and healthcare workers for the management of patients presenting to acute care facilities in Canada, with suspected or confirmed Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection. Join us for this webinar where… Read more »

The Public Health Agency of Canada recently released a new guide on HIV Screening and Testing for a range of care providers, including public health and community-based organizations. In this webinar we will discuss some of the issues that have informed the key recommendations in the guide, including the Agency estimates related to the number… Read more »

Update on PHAC Communicable Disease Funding Model

Dear Executive Director of PAN Member Organizations: I am writing to share with you the latest information that PAN has available regarding PHAC’s transition to a Communicable Disease Funding model, and the changes that are currently being discussed that will impact all funding envelopes within the Federal Initiative on HIV/AIDS – including the AIDS Community… Read more »

Webinar: Preparing for World Hepatitis Day

July 28, 2013 marks World Hepatitis Day, which aims to improve awareness of hepatitis among individuals worldwide and across Canada. In preparation for this important day, the Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control will be presenting a webinar to highlight key Public Health Agency of Canada activities and resources related to hepatitis including public… Read more »

MEMBER UPDATE: PHAC plans for integration of delivery of services The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) has been in discussions with senior levels of management of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) regarding their plans to integrate delivery of HIV/AIDS services with other STBBIs, hepatitis C and tuberculosis. PHAC has proposed moving to a holistic… Read more »

HIV Transmission Risk: A Summary of Evidence

      The Public Health Agency of Canada is pleased to share with you the electronic release of HIV Transmission Risk: A Summary of the Evidence in English and French. This technical document is a comprehensive review of the evidence on the risk of transmission of HIV associated with sexual activities, injection and other drug… Read more »

January Review of What’s Hot in HIV Research

The New Year has certainly come in like a gale-force wind, with many things to consider as the HIV/AIDS research world ponders next moves. Dissemination, translation and exchange of new findings continues to shape the way that we understand HIV in our country, and this month’s “review of what’s hot” shares some new reports and… Read more »

Community Consultation Session Invitation

The Canadian Public Health Asociation (CPHA) and AIDS Vancouver would like to incie you to a one day consultations on the factos that impace vulnerability to HIV and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs). This consultation is part of a wider project entitles “The Development of Core Competencies for HIV Prevention: funded by the… Read more »