Part 1 Learning from OHTN Conference 2016: HIV Endgame II – Stopping the Syndemics that Drive HIV (November 21-22, 2016) by Mona Lee, PAN’s Greater Vancouver Site Coordinator of PLPH; CBR/Evaluation Support Coordinator; Administrative Coordinator I had the privilege of attending the OHTN Conference in Fall 2016 that discussed the challenges and factors associated… Read more »

OHTN – PrEP Think Tank Report

On March 10, 2016, more than 40 participants met to discuss the research needed to support the implementation and use of PrEP in Canada. The objective of the think tank was to discuss the possibilities of a national PrEP research initiative and its potential to contribute to equitable, evidencebased implementations of PrEP across Canada. What… Read more »

What’s Hot with Peer Researchers? Engaged Yet?  Hosted by James Watson  Tuesday, April 19th @ 2pm EST “Engagement” is a word that holds great meaning in the HIV sector, it drives programming, shapes research methodologies and is a key element in successful interventions. But how do we measure and achieve engagement and how can it… Read more »

Housing Promotes Health for People Living with HIV

An extensive review of studies on housing, HIV and health carried out by researchers at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network shows that housing is an important determinant of health for positive folks. According to the OHTN: “Working with colleagues in the U.S. and Canada, researchers from the OHTN have shown a conclusive link between housing… Read more »

Rapid Response from the OHTN: Seeking Sex Online

Curious about apps like Grindr and sexual health behaviours? The OHTN’s new Rapid Response provides an overview of the impact of mobile apps and hook-up sites on risk behaviour and HIV/STI transmission among men who have sex with men. It also looks at ways to work with these platforms to promote sexual health. Key Take-Home… Read more »

Tools for Community-Based Research Certificate

Universities Without Walls has partnered with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) to launch their professional certificate program. The Tools for Community-Based Research Certificate (CBR) is a 5-week, 25-hour course that incorporates self-directed education modules, live online discussion and Skype in-person seminar discussions to enhance the learner’s readiness to participate in and contribute… Read more »

Have you ever wondered what the literature says about community-based organizations’ (CBOs) impact on the HIV sector? How do CBOs support people living with HIV? What makes the services and programs CBOs provide unique? The Ontario HIV Treatment Network has just completed a Rapid Response examining the question: What is the impact of community-based organization (CBOs) in… Read more »

OHTN – Health literacy, sexual health and gay men

Working with collaborators from British Columbia, the OHTN’s Applied Epidemiology Unit has released a new report on health literacy, sexual health and gay men. Health literacy means having the skills to find, understand, evaluate and talk about health information with others. In Canada, gay men were one of the first groups affected by HIV, and they… Read more »

Working with partners including ACT, PWA, Positive Living Niagara and PositiveLite.com, the OHTN has created a brand new resource on smoking and HIV. Quitting smoking is one of the very best things that someone living with HIV can do to protect their health. Our new website offers videos, apps, links to helplines and workshops, and… Read more »

Chronic illness can have a huge impact on the economies of cities, regions and countries. Researchers in the U.S. have estimated that the lifetime cost of care for HIV can range from about $250,000 to $400,000 per person. One way to reduce healthcare costs is to invest in disease prevention programs delivered through community-based organizations…. Read more »

Wednesday, September 30th, 2:00 PM EST “What’s Hot with Peer Research Associates (PRAs)?” is an online talk show about community-based research that has people living with HIV as the main protagonists. 8th Edition : “GIPA/MIPA: I’ve heard of it.” hosted by James Watson The Greater and more Meaningful involvement of PLHIV is based on the idea… Read more »

Universities without Walls is excited to announce two partnered Fellowship programs. You can apply through the hyperlinks below, and the application deadline is August 11th, 2015 at 5:00 PM EST. 1)   The UWW/weSpeak Fellowship to join a 5-year program of research and related activities with African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) heterosexual men in Ontario to: enhance… Read more »