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HepCBC – Link to Final Edition of HepC.Bull – Summer 2016

Hope you will enjoy HepCBC’s SUMMER, 2016 hepc.bull newsletter. This is our LAST NEWSLETTER to you in this format as we are transitioning to sending all of our news out via our website, Facebook site, and You Tube Channel. It’s been over 20 years, and we are so proud of what our bulletin has accomplished and the many lives it has touched,… Read more »

HepCBC’s hepc.bull Newsletter 20th Anniversary Edition!

Happy 20th Birthday, hepc.bull! Hope you will enjoy HepCBC’s 20th Anniversary hepc.bull Newsletter! Pages 9-12 of this issue are a reprint of the original March 1996 issue! We can hardly believe it ourselves…the hepc.bull is 20 years old? YES! GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT: Much of the March, 1996 issue shows the awkward beginnings of what became an… Read more »

June-July, 2013 HEPC.BULL

ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE include: the problem of fairness in hepatitis C funding and care, ensuring that HCV+ people have a voice in organizations that represent us and get funding to provide hepatitis C support, education, and prevention services, the need for a liver transplant ‘support team’ of Vancouver area volunteers to help transplant patients… Read more »

February, 2013 HepC BC bulletin

          Hello, hope you enjoy the February, 2013 HepC BC bulletin, the hepc.bull Topics include: Transmission News / Alternatives Valentine’s Day Special: Review of “Partners” The Time Has Come… / Super Foods Honour Roll / Sleep The Skinny Rules / Remember HCV on the Internet MerckCARE/PegAssist/Neupogen/ Coming Up Click HERE to read

Update from Hep C BC

HepCBC is in the process of updating their email mailing list for their monthly bulletin, hepc.bull. Downloads: March Issue April Issue If you would like to receive the monthly hepc.bull by email please ask to be added to the list. ALL BACK COPIES ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE: hepc.bull back to January 2001 are available at: http://www.hepcbc.ca/bulletin.html#backissues… Read more »