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Pacific Hepatitis C Network Announces a New Hep C Resource

PHCN is very excited to introduce Hep C TIP – your online hepatitis C treatment information toolkit. The Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project – or Hep C TIP – is a web-based toolkit containing information and resources about hepatitis C treatment, including: information about and links to new and emerging drugs and drug combinations for… Read more »

CATIE Resources for World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day is coming up on July 28, 2014. Whether you are already engaged in hepatitis C work or if you are looking to build your capacity in this area, CATIE has resources to help you prepare. Here are three ways we can help: 1. We have launched a new series of posters and… Read more »

No More Silos: A Good Practices Guide on undertaking an integrated approach to HIV and hepatitis C identifies practices community-based organizations, community health centres, clinics and other health and social services are engaging to do HIV and hepatitis C work concurrently. No More Silos has two goals: to assist organizations considering undertaking an integrated approach… Read more »

HepCinfoUpdates – 4.14

Treatment Update: Hepatitis viruses The latest issue of Treatment Update (TU197) covers new research on the use of treatment as prevention as a strategy for decreasing the spread of Hep C, an overview of liver cancer in Canada, as well as risk factors, screening and treatment options for liver cancer. TreatmentUpdate is CATIE’s flagship digest… Read more »

Who Cares about Hep C?

Know your Status! Get tested! In commemoration of World Hepatitis Day 2013, happening on July 28th, AIDS Vancouver Island commissioned this video to raise awareness about the importance of knowing your hepatitis C status by getting testing. WATCH THE VIDEO! CLICK HERE A big thank you to all who participated in making this video happen…. Read more »

CATIE Forum Webinar Series

Please join CATIE for their upcoming four webinar series New developments in HIV research and implications for frontline practice (June 6, 1PM EST) New developments in Hepatitis C research and implications for frontline practice (June 17, 1PM EST) Integrated approaches to HIV treatment and prevention (July 9,  1PM EST) Working from a sexual health or… Read more »

hepCinfoUpdates – News and newsworthy

      Cholesterol-lowering drugs tied to decreased liver cancer risk for people with Hep C People with chronic Hep C are less likely to develop liver cancer if they are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins. Reporting in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Taiwanese researchers examined data from over 260 000 people with Hep… Read more »

CATIE’s HepC Info Update: New and Newsworthy

CATIE’s HepCInfo Update 4.2. Read on to learn more about new and updated scientific findings in hepatitis C prevention, care, treatment and support. Women co-infected with HIV and Hep C more likely to develop severe liver damage than men. Canadian women co-infected with Hep C and HIV are more likely to develop severe liver damage… Read more »