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HepCinfoUpdates – 4.14

Treatment Update: Hepatitis viruses The latest issue of Treatment Update (TU197) covers new research on the use of treatment as prevention as a strategy for decreasing the spread of Hep C, an overview of liver cancer in Canada, as well as risk factors, screening and treatment options for liver cancer. TreatmentUpdate is CATIE’s flagship digest… Read more »

Who Cares about Hep C?

Know your Status! Get tested! In commemoration of World Hepatitis Day 2013, happening on July 28th, AIDS Vancouver Island commissioned this video to raise awareness about the importance of knowing your hepatitis C status by getting testing. WATCH THE VIDEO! CLICK HERE A big thank you to all who participated in making this video happen…. Read more »

Webinar: Preparing for World Hepatitis Day

July 28, 2013 marks World Hepatitis Day, which aims to improve awareness of hepatitis among individuals worldwide and across Canada. In preparation for this important day, the Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control will be presenting a webinar to highlight key Public Health Agency of Canada activities and resources related to hepatitis including public… Read more »

In Canada and other high-income countries, in the 1970s and ’80s hepatitis C virus (HCV), hepatitis B virus (HBV) and later HIV and other germs were sometimes transmitted via transfusion of contaminated blood and use of products derived from contaminated blood (such as clotting factors). However, thanks to screening of the blood supply, transmission of… Read more »

Community Readiness resource

Assessing community readiness for change Increasing community capacity Creating a climate that makes change possible This Community Readiness Handbook was prepared in response to the many requests from the field for an easy-to-use guide. In the pages that follow, the key concepts of the model are described in a practical, step-by-step manner. The purpose is… Read more »

CTAC National Webinar Series Continues

5 part series presented by members of CTAC’s Co-Infection Facilitator Team Want to learn more about HIV and viral Hepatitis no-infection? Looking to get more involved? Interested in how to integrate research about co-infection into programming? Join for 3 more Tuesdays! February 14, 2pm (ET): Who is living with co-infection? Priority Populations and Community Approaches… Read more »

Chronic hepatitis C remains a significant medical and economic burden in Canada, affecting nearly 1% of the population. Since the last consensus conference on the management of chronic hepatitis C, major advances have warranted a review of recommended management approaches for these patients. Specifically, direct-acting antiviral agents with dramatically improved rates of virological clearance compared… Read more »

CATIE HepCinfo Update 3.8

The latest CATIE Hep C info update is now available.  Topics include: Professional tattooing and piercing not linked to hepatitis C risk Highlights of the 2012 International Liver Congress Create safe-injection sites in Ottawa, Toronto, study concludes Ignoring chronic hepatitis B treatment costly, specialist says Public health leaders criticize Ottawa’s ideology-based drug policies To read… Read more »

Update from Hep C BC

HepCBC is in the process of updating their email mailing list for their monthly bulletin, hepc.bull. Downloads: March Issue April Issue If you would like to receive the monthly hepc.bull by email please ask to be added to the list. ALL BACK COPIES ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE: hepc.bull back to January 2001 are available at: http://www.hepcbc.ca/bulletin.html#backissues… Read more »