Study uncovers new ground about when to start HIV therapy A major question that has recurred since the availability of potent combination anti-HIV therapy (commonly called ART or HAART) is when this therapy should be initiated to ensure the optimal health of HIV-positive people. New research has revealed that early therapy may be highly beneficial…. Read more »

Potent combination HIV therapy (commonly called ART or HAART) can significantly prolong life. In high-income countries such as Canada, Australia and the U.S. and regions such as Western Europe, doctors increasingly estimate that young adults diagnosed today and who begin ART shortly thereafter and who take their medicines every day exactly as directed and who… Read more »

BCCfE Launches Engage Study

The new study from the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS: the Engage Study has launched This study is for those who are new to HIV treatment and aims to investigate the characteristics of people who are initiating HAART in BC at a time when there is expanded testing and treatment throughout the province and… Read more »

New HIV cases drop among those who use injection drugs

News Release – Ministry of Health, Office of the Provincial Health Officer VICTORIA – New cases of HIV among people who use drugs by injection (IDU) in B.C. continue to decline. According to a new report released today by the provincial health officer, it is crucial that harm reduction measures are sustained and expanded for… Read more »