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In 2013, a diverse team of community-based researchers completed the Food Security Study, which explored the relationship between food, nutrition, and health for people living with HIV in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. Recently they published postcards and fact sheets with their study findings. They also shared some of their housing-related data from BC with… Read more »

New Resources from the Food Security Study Team in BC

The Food Security Study is a national community based research study examining the impact of food security on the health of people living with HIV. A key priority for our team is to find ways to share findings with communities and participants involved in the research, as well as those involved with shaping policy and… Read more »

DEADLINE: Friday, October 31st The Vancouver Foundation has awarded the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation (in partnership with researchers from Simon Fraser University) a research grant to study food provision as a harm reduction approach with people living with HIV/AIDS and who use drugs. The study, titled “Food as harm reduction: the health effects of food… Read more »

National Food Security Study: Initial BC Findings

The Food Security Study is a national community-based research study that examined the impact of food security on health outcomes of people living with HIV in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. This study was community-led and took place in multiple sites across the province. There were 328 HIV-positive people in BC who were interviewed by… Read more »

January Review of What’s Hot in HIV Research

The New Year has certainly come in like a gale-force wind, with many things to consider as the HIV/AIDS research world ponders next moves. Dissemination, translation and exchange of new findings continues to shape the way that we understand HIV in our country, and this month’s “review of what’s hot” shares some new reports and… Read more »