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BCCDC: Trends in New HIV diagnoses in BC for 2013

Read the latest post on the BCCDC’s Smart Sex Resource, by Daphne Ling, Epidemiologist, Clinical prevention Services. In this post, the BCCDC presents the final number of new HIV diagnoses in BC for 2013, and describes recent trends by gender, region and exposure category. They used provincial HIV surveillance data to describe the number of… Read more »

January Review of What’s Hot in HIV Research

The New Year has certainly come in like a gale-force wind, with many things to consider as the HIV/AIDS research world ponders next moves. Dissemination, translation and exchange of new findings continues to shape the way that we understand HIV in our country, and this month’s “review of what’s hot” shares some new reports and… Read more »

The Epidemiology of HIV in Canada

CATIE has just released the latest factsheet, offering a snapshot of the HIV epidemic in Canada. All epidemiological information is approximate, based on the best available data. The data contained in this fact sheet comes from the 2011 Estimates of HIV prevalence and incidence in Canada, published by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)…. Read more »