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Help recruit youth for the Youth Disclosure Project survey

The HIV Disclosure Project has formed a collaboration with YouthCO and Canadian Positive People Network to develop a workshop for youth living with HIV to talk about disclosing their HIV status. In this phase of the project feedback is being gathered to learn about youth experiences with disclosure. In order to get this information, they’re… Read more »

This is a guidebook about the many aspects of healthy disclosure and non-disclosure of HIV status by people with HIV/AIDS. The guide was created by people with HIV/AIDS to help AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) in supporting people with HIV/AIDS who are wondering about disclosure: Why? To whom? When? How? The guidebook is rooted in the… Read more »

Challenges of Disclosure

    After the Supreme Court decision earlier this month, I am struck once again with the realization that many people who are removed from HIV in their own lives have very little understanding about just how difficult it can be to disclose your status to someone when you don’t know how they might react…. Read more »