Launch of the CHIWOS National Newsletter!

On behalf of the National Management Team, we are excited to launch the very first CHIWOS National Newsletter! You can access the Newsletter in English or French by clicking on the respective image below (Ctrl +click), or by downloading the attached PDF. Please feel free to share the Newsletter and distribute it widely through your… Read more »

Taking potent combination anti-HIV therapy (commonly called ART or HAART) every day, exactly as directed, is a cornerstone of improving health for HIV-positive people. Many other factors can affect health, well-being and survival of patients, and one of those factors is the quality of care that patients receive. Researchers at the BC Centre for Excellence… Read more »

CHIWOS study hiring peer research associates

        JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE: Peer Research Associate (PRA) (*Up to 2 Positions Available*) JOB DEFINITION: PRAs are women living with HIV who are hired and trained as researchers on our core study team, and who have experiences and identities in common with the study participants that they will recruit and interview…. Read more »

CHIWOS official website launch

The Canadian HIV Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Cohort Study (CHIWOS) has launched their official website at www.chiwos.ca! Visit the website and find out more about the study, view a short video on the project, and access news about the project, papers and presentations, and learn more about their team. Women who are HIV-positive have… Read more »

CHIWOS Study hiring Peer Research Associates

The BC CHIWOS (Canadian HIV Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Cohort Study) Team is officially transitioning to the second phase of CHIWOS, the national survey phase, where they plan to enroll 350 women living with HIV from across British Columbia into their study beginning in May 2013. In anticipation of roll-out in May, they are now initiating a… Read more »

First CHIWOS Publication: Women-specific HIV/AIDS services

Women-specific HIV/AIDS services: identifying and defining the components of holistic service delivery for women living with HIV/AIDS. The increasing proportion of women living with HIV has evoked calls for tailored services that respond to women’s specific needs. The objective of this investigation was to explore the concept of women-specific HIV/AIDS services to identify and define… Read more »

Tuesday December 11th – 10:00am The next PAN webinar is “Bringing Research Back” to Communities: A Webinar on HIV Knowledge Translation using CHIWOS as a Case Study. There are 2 short webinars to watch before the Online Discussion Group. REGISTER

Sign up for the Bringing Research Back to Communities Webinar

Bringing Research Back to Communities: A Webinar on HIV Knowledge Translation Moving research into policy, programs and practice is vital to community-based HIV research. Knowledge translation (KT) bridges the gap between researchers and communities and ensures that results get shared with those who can use them. This webinar will explore KT, using the Canadian HIV… Read more »

  POSITION TITLE: Peer-Research Associate (PRA) Training Consultant CLASSIFICATION: Part-time, Temporary (approximately 15-25 hours per week from January-May and then 5-10 hours per week from June-December 2013, with hours required varying by month) The PRA Training Consultant will help create and deliver a multi-phase CHIWOS PRA training plan for the national CHIWOS study. The training… Read more »

Job Posting – Survey Consultant – CHIWOS

JOB SUMMARY: We are seeking a Survey Consultant to help finalize the CHIWOS questionnaire, prepare related survey instruments, liaise with programmers to develop a functional online version of the survey, and assist with preparing and executing training session for Peer Research Associates. To read the full posting, please CLICK HERE