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In 2013, a diverse team of community-based researchers completed the Food Security Study, which explored the relationship between food, nutrition, and health for people living with HIV in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. Recently they published postcards and fact sheets with their study findings. They also shared some of their housing-related data from BC with… Read more »

Authors: Olivier Ferlatte12*, Joshun Dulai2, Travis Salway Hottes23, Terry Trussler2 and Rick Marchand2 Background While several studies have demonstrated that gay and bisexual men are at increased risk of suicide less attention has been given to the processes that generate the inherent inequity with the mainstream population. This study tested whether syndemic theory can explain… Read more »

Foundations in Community: HIV and Housing Research in Canada

At a Pacific AIDS Network staff meeting several weeks ago, we engaged in “gratitude practice” – taking the time to note what we were thankful for before we started discussing work. It had been cold and snowy for the first time this fall, and I shared that was grateful to be living in a cozy… Read more »