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CBR Musings: Is what we do informed by what we know?

Knowledge mobilization.  Knowledge transfer. Knowledge translation. Knowledge exchange. These are some of the buzzwords that have remained popular in Canadian research circles over the past few years as the goal of making sure that research findings get “put to work” has been high on the lists of research funders, universities, and community stakeholders alike. Knowledge… Read more »

AIDS 2012 Roundup

The international AIDS conference was hosted in Washington DC last week and for those who were unable to be there and soak it all up, here are some videos and articles that offer some perspective on the research and social activism at AIDS 2012. Watch hightlights or watch it all through these two sites: Highlights… Read more »

Collaboration is one of those words that certainly gets thrown around a lot in both community work and in the field of community based research. But what does it mean to truly collaborate? What is a collaborator? For the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the main source of funding for most HIV-related CBR in… Read more »