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HIV and Aging… There Are Resources on That!

Based on feedback from our members, PAN has identified HIV and aging as a priority area of focus. Interest in accessing resources related to aging with HIV was put forth at the Fall 2016 PHA forum, where it was suggested that PAN’s website could include a resource section focused on this topic area. HIV and… Read more »

The Canadian AIDS Society, with the Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation, and the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, invites people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS to be part of a national conversation on Aging and HIV.  Please follow the link for more information. http://www.cdnaids.ca/home.nsf/pages/agingandhiv

The Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation & the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America’s partnered to survey service providers to determine their existing knowledge, and their knowledge, training, technical assistance and capacity building needs in relation to older adults with HIV. To download this report, follow the link below. Responding to HIV and Aging:… Read more »

January Review of What’s Hot in HIV Research

The New Year has certainly come in like a gale-force wind, with many things to consider as the HIV/AIDS research world ponders next moves. Dissemination, translation and exchange of new findings continues to shape the way that we understand HIV in our country, and this month’s “review of what’s hot” shares some new reports and… Read more »