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Measuring Up: Evaluating HIV/AIDS Advocacy Efforts

There is a wide range of evidence demonstrating the positive changes HIV advocacy efforts have been able to bring about. The tricky part is designing and implementing an evaluation that will allow your organization to illustrate the value of such work. International HIV/AIDS Alliance and the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) have created… Read more »

CBR Musings: Is what we do informed by what we know?

Knowledge mobilization.  Knowledge transfer. Knowledge translation. Knowledge exchange. These are some of the buzzwords that have remained popular in Canadian research circles over the past few years as the goal of making sure that research findings get “put to work” has been high on the lists of research funders, universities, and community stakeholders alike. Knowledge… Read more »

Health Canada has turned down funding for an HIV/AIDS charity for fear it might result in advocacy – an indication of a growing tendency within the Conservative government to steer clear of groups pushing causes out of step with its policies. The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, whose mission is to promote the human rights of… Read more »