Exploring Effective Interventions for Viral Hepatitis, STI and HIV Prevention


Thank you to all the participants for making the Prevention Education Training and Networking session, held on Feb. 26 – 28, 2014 a great success.

Thank you to all of our presenters, speakers and facilitators for their contribution!

Available Downloads:

Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014

HIV/AIDS and STIPresenter: Dr. Mark Gilbert
Hepatitis B and C – Presenter:Dr. Naveed Janjua

  • Concurrent Session #1: Panel Presentation: Peer involvement in prevention programming

o   Peer Development! Are you Ready? – Presenters: Kari Hackett & Cody Vigeant

o   Healthy Relationships with our Hearts – Presenter: Elina Chiu (No download)

o   Beyond Intervention: Social Justice through Privileged Experiential Perspectives in Street College Educations – Presenters: Katie Lacroix & Wayne Dunning (No download)

o   Heroin-Assisted Therapy: SNAP Advocacy, Education and Support in the DTES – Presenters: Dave Murray & Susan Boyd

o   Making Leadership Accessible to Women – Presenters: Rebeccah Parry & Monique Desroches

  • Concurrent Session #2: What’s art got to do with it? Using the arts to engage communities around HIV, STIs and HCV – Presenter: Sarah Switzer

o   Handouts:

Prevention of transmission vs prevention of death: Culture, stigma and hepatitis c outreach efforts to diverse populations – Presenter: Cheryl Reitz




Thursday, Feb.27, 2014

  • Concurrent Session #2: HIV unmasked: An educational experience for community – Presenters: Melanie Monds, Marilyn Morrison and Valerie (No download)

o   Handout: HIV unMasked

Engaging, educating and empowering gay millenials in HIV prevention: Lessons from Vancouver’s Mpowerment Project – Presenter: Andrew Shopland

o   Handouts:

  • Plenary Keynote – Presenter: Jessica Danforth (No download)
  • IGNITE Panel & Discussion Groups:

o   Sharing food & Education – a powerful combination – Presenter: Sarah Sullivan

o   Strategies for addressing gender, racial and socioeconomic inequalities – Presenter: Jill Chettiar

o   The Invitations: Doing dignity in environments of shame and stigma – Presenter: Kristen Kvakic

o   A universe of stories: Our process from idea to effective workshop – Presenter: Mary Jackson – coming soon

o   A look at community readiness: Ideas and practice – Presenters: Amanda Walker & Erica Thomson

  • Plenary: A cornucopia of STIs
    Due to illness this session had to be revised and included two presentations from the BCCDC and an interactive session hosted by Heidi Exner. We would also like to thank Andrea Langlois, Hermione Jefferis, Andrew Shopland, Melissa Medjuck, Sangam, Sheena Campbell and Gina McGowan for their assistance.

Hepatitis Basics – Presenter: Sandi Mitchell

SmartSex Resources – Presenter: Devon Haag

o   Handout: Plenty of Syph Dating Profiles


Friday, Feb.28, 2014


The agenda/program (pdf)

The evaluation report (pdf)


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  • The Evaluation News blog covers our work within PAN and with organizations in the community.  Learn about different kinds of evaluation like Realist Evaluation, learn how other organizations are using evaluation approaches, meet evaluators on the job, and find out about how you can help in community evaluation. Explore in detail:  Evaluation News blog Evaluation… Read more »

  • People with HIV can live long and healthy lives if they access to treatment and social support as needed. As people with HIV age, however, complications of aging can compound challenges of living with HIV. Concerns for people with HIV who are aging can include income security, stigma, safe and affordable housing, aging in place,… Read more »

  • Each year our annual conference gathers people from across the province who share their programs and services, learn about new developments in public health, and help build a vibrant and supportive community. We gather presentations, papers and videos following each conference so people may refer to them at any time. See resources from conferences: Explore… Read more »

  • We offer our KnowledgeConnect webinars to reach our 50+ member organizations as well as community leaders and stakeholders. Information is available when our viewers have the opportunity to connect. Watch for news on upcoming webinars in the blog. Follow the blog for new on upcoming webinars Explore webinars by theme: Advocacy, Policy, Public Health Health Determinants… Read more »

  • Each fall members of the PAN community meet to learn about the latest in public health and HIV in BC, learn from each other’s work and set priority action items for the upcoming year.  The 2016 Fall Conference, AGM, Forum and ED Summit was no exception. The 2016 conference featured Canadian drug policy and public health… Read more »

  • In April 2016 BC’s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall declared the overdose epidemic in BC a public health emergency.  Despite committed efforts, the epidemic continues, as overdose statistics show.  This has significant impact on first responders, including frontline staff at Pacific AIDS Network (PAN) member and allied organizations, and especially people with lived experience… Read more »

  • In community-based research the involvement of communities or people who share a common experience or identity with the group being researched is of great importance. The community has a central voice in the research directions. “Peer Research Assistants” or “Community Research Associates” are those hired into roles to help with the research from start to… Read more »

  • In April 2016 BC’s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall declared the overdose epidemic in BC a public health emergency in April 2016.  Despite committed efforts, the epidemic continues, as overdose statistics show.  This has significant impact on first responders, including frontline staff at Pacific AIDS Network (PAN) member and allied organizations, and especially people… Read more »

  • Information about the law and the rights of people with HIV  Having HIV is not a crime, but law can impact heavily on the lives of people with HIV. The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network “is one of the world’s leading organizations tackling the legal and human rights issues related to HIV, and advocating at both… Read more »

  • Evaluation can help guide your organization or group to make decisions about programs, services, research, and more. Participatory research is just what it sounds like- people and communities take part in decision-making about what is evaluated, rather than being told what they “should” evaluate. Community is central to evaluation work and we can help you… Read more »

  • Knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) or knowledge mobilization (KMb) consists of a variety of methods in which research and knowledge is transferred, translated, exchanged and co-produced to enhance the practical application of knowledge between researchers and research-users (individuals and community organizations seeking to use research to inform decisions in public policy and professional practice). A… Read more »


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