Resource Category: Community Based Research Resource Summaries

What is community based research?

Community-based research (CBR) is a collaborative process from start to finish. CBR is a practice that places community partnerships at the forefront, and is marked by the principles of collaboration, positive social change and inclusion. It is collaborative: The communities in which the research is taking place are full partners in all stages of the process. It is change-oriented: Community-based research seeks to empower communities and effect policy changes. It is inclusive: Community-based research  recognizes and values the the unique strengths and perspectives of all team members involved in the research process. Summary highlights are below. See the Community-Based Research Resources section for our complete listing of resources.

Knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) or knowledge mobilization (KMb) consists of a variety of methods in which research and knowledge is transferred, translated, exchanged and co-produced to enhance the practical application of knowledge between researchers and research-users (individuals and community organizations seeking to use research to inform decisions in public policy and professional practice). A… Read more »

One of the central approaches of community-based research is that it places community partnerships at the forefront. Communities that are affected by health or social conditions being explored are included in the research from the start through to decision-making about what to do with the results of research. The general principles for ethical conduct in research… Read more »