Research and Evaluation

PAN engages in community-based research (CBR) and program and implementation science to build a body of evidence aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV and hepatitis C.

Research provides information for programming and policy directions. PAN has used CBR and program and implementation science to investigate issues that BC communities have identified as important, including stigma, housing and case management processes. We also host quarterly CBR meetings for stakeholders to come together and discuss research in the province.

Evaluation, on the other hand, measures the impact of programs and services and provides information on program implementation. PAN supports evaluation and program science work at local, regional, provincial and national levels by collaborating with HIV and hepatitis C focused partners and organizations in learning about and applying evaluation tools and program science to guide all stages of programming, from planning and development through to modifying for improvement.

These programs are made possible through PAN’s partnership with the CIHR Centre for REACH in HIV/AIDS, and the CIHR CBR Collaborative (A Program of REACH).

If you are interested in learning more about research and evaluation at PAN, please contact Janice Duddy, our Director of Evaluation and Community-Based Research

Please use the links below to learn more about PAN’s CBR and Evaluation programs.


“Tools and support for evaluation [are] key. Evaluative information will help organizations improve what they do best.” (PAN Member and Stakeholder Survey)



Research at PAN

What is CBR?

Program and Implementation Science

CBR in BC Quarterly Meetings 

Positive Living Positive Homes Study

The BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index Project

Making it Work Project

PAN Affiliated Researchers


Evaluation at PAN

PLDI Impact Evaluation


CBR Musings Blog

Evaluation News Blog



PAN’s Research and Evaluation Treehouse: here we share resources that can be helpful for both evaluation and research. Building on the tree metaphor – the Treehouse sits on the limbs between both the Research and the Evaluation Tree and provides a space for us to come together to learn and build our capacity in both of these areas.


Research Resources

Evaluation Resources



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