Policy Change and Collective Action


The Pacific AIDS Network (PAN) is a collective voice representing members on issues that impact the health of people our member organizations serve. These issues can include scope and delivery of services, policy developments and directions, sustainable funding, and social inequities affected by government decision-making.

We work to address stigma, discrimination, policies, and human rights concerns at various tables and in collaboration with others. We work with communities most affected by these issues, gathering data through community-based research and sharing findings to bring about change. We speak with government ministries, funders, health authorities and related allies and stakeholders. We identify priorities for action in collective impact, as well as serving as consultants at provincial and national research and policy development tables.

In many instances we are pleased to support the leadership of our member and allied organizations. Contact our Executive Director, J. Evin Jones, for more information.



Government and Stakeholder Communications

Collaborations and Consultations

Collective Impact Network

Human Rights Education Toolkit

Research to Action

Advocacy and Policy Resources


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