Project Inclusion: A Human Rights Approach to HIV, Hepatitis C and Overdose Prevention

Learn what your organization can do to act on the findings of  Project Inclusion, a human rights approach to HIV, HCV and overdose prevention in BC.

Pivot traveled to communities in BC to speak with people coping with poverty, homelessness, and substance use about how programs and policies affect their health.

Pivot’s Darcie Bennett will show how a public health approach to harm reduction needs the support of government, social programs, law enforcement, and drug policy. Participants will come away with a better understanding of how to align policies and practices in a human-rights model. This webinar is aimed at people who are new or experienced in HIV/ hepatitis C / harm reduction work.

Join us November 20th at 10 AM Pacific Time.


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Pivot Legal Society

2017 Pivot webinar for PAN available on-demand: What Do You Need to Know About the Good Samaritan Overdose Act?