Making Connections for Cultural Safety and Humility

For groups that are non-Indigenous, but work with Indigenous people, there may be some gaps in knowledge about how to best provide culturally sensitive and appropriate support. Learning is an ongoing process for us all, and in this KnowledgeConnect dialogue, the topic will be how to advance cultural safety through humility, sensitivity, and skills development.

Andrea Derban and Cherlyn Cortes of the First Nations Health Authority will talk about their work, which is aimed at creating positive change, and ultimately improving experiences for Indigenous people accessing care. The Making Connections program will be discussed, as well as other resources of the First Nations Health Authority.

We’ll be presenting this webinar in a conversation format, with time for questions.

While this webinar doesn’t replace ongoing reconciliation work, it is an opportunity to consider the way  your organization or group supports Indigenous people. Please join us to connect, discuss, and reflect.


The webinar will include information on:

  • Developing cultural safety realistically and consistently
  • Building respectful connections and relationships
  • The First Nations Health Authority Cultural Safety programs and resources


Suggested audience:

  • HIV and hepatitis C organization staff and volunteers; allied organizations’ staff and volunteers
  • Support workers and advocates, especially those engaging with Indigenous people
  • Leaders, policy makers, and those who shape organizations’ services
  • Community members and other allies

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