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  • Transgender Day of Remembrance

    Today is the day we remember transgender folks who have gone ahead, gone public, gone true to their souls to live lives of dignity. Too many times, they have lost their lives to bigotry and violence. There is energy to change the world, and change it must. We can’t go on like this. I hope… Read more »

  • Job Posting: The New Face of HIV Coordinator

    The New Face of HIV Coordinator – Contract Reporting to:                     Executive Director Bargaining Unit:                 Excluded Benchmark:                        Volunteer Coordinator Classification Grid:             Level 9 – Contract – Part Time    Position Summary: AIDS Vancouver actively engages People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) to volunteer in… Read more »

  • This webinar discusses the Pan-Canadian Framework on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Canada, provides an overview of the four key components of the Framework, and highlights next steps on the development of the associated action plan. AMR is one of the most serious global health threats facing the world today, and a complex problem that threatens… Read more »

  • Conference: Drug User Groups and Community Resilience

    This day long conference in Abbotsford will help attendees learn about the functions of drug user groups, their outcomes, the evidence behind them, and help plan Abbotsford’s response to the overdose crisis – with a focus on folks with lived experience. What will be explored:  Functions that drug user groups play for drug users, and… Read more »

  • Civil Forfeiture Office (CFO) Grants

    The Civil Forfeiture Office (CFO) in BC is enabled by Provincial legislation to seize both the proceeds and instruments of crime. One of the responsibilities of the CFO is to administer an annual grant program.  The Civil Forfeiture Crime Prevention and Remediation Grant program is now accepting applications. “Those working to stop violence against women, helping… Read more »

  • CAHR: Healthcare Professional Travel Awards Competition

    From CAHR: With the generous support of ViiV Healthcare, CAHR is pleased to re-launch for 2018 the HCP Travel Awards Competition, which supports travel awards for Canadian health care professionals (HCPs) – working in the realm of HIV – to attend international continuing health education events. The first event supported will be CROI 2018! For… Read more »

  • Substance Use News November 2017

    Responding to BC’s Opioid Overdose Epidemic Progress Report The newly established BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions has released an update on the opioid crisis with the October edition of Responding to BC’s Opioid Overdose Epidemic Progress Report. The stats remain grim. While deaths from illegal drugs excluding fentanyl have decreased in 2017, fentanyl… Read more »

  • As a national champion of human rights and social justice, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network leads the charge on improving social realities for people living with HIV. With HIV as their unifying theme, their work addresses complex issues that include HIV criminalization; drug policy and harm reduction; the needs and rights of people in prisons;… Read more »

  • Job Posting: Rural Partnership Coordinator

    Blood Ties Four Directions Centre is looking for an energetic and passionate Rural Partnership Coordinator If you’re interested in the field of Community & Sexual Health, HIV, HepC & Harm Reduction we’re interested in you! Focusing on rural Indigenous community & sexual health programs with an emphasis in HIV/AIDS, HepC, Harm Reduction, and sexual health education you… Read more »

  • Job Posting: Treatment Outreach Coordinator

    Working in collaboration within the Health Promotion Team and with other Positive Living Staff and Volunteers, under the guidance of the Director of Programs and Services, the Treatment Outreach Coordinator facilitates and coordinates the planning, development, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of treatment information dissemination both in-house as well as externally. Other tasks include: Researches and… Read more »

  • Job Posting: Dental Clinic Coordinator

    Internal/External Job Posting Dental Clinic Coordinator Applications are being accepted from members of CUPE Local 3495 and external applicants, preference will be given to qualified CUPE members Date Posted: November 8, 2017 Closing Date November 27, 2017 Employment Type: Permanent Full-Time (35 Hours/Week) Reporting to: Director of Programs and Services Employer: Positive Living Society of… Read more »


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