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CBR Musings: Program Science at CAHR

The Canadian Associate for HIV Research (CAHR) 2015 Conference provided a lot of food for thought on Program/Implementation Science. Program Science is the approach that the CIHR Centre for REACH in HIV/AIDS, of which PAN is an active partner, has chosen to adopt for its work. Program science can be defined as promoting “collaboration and… Read more »

Welcome to the Pacific AIDS Network’s spring review of What’s HOT in HIV Research! In this edition we are going to take a look at contributions made by the PAN team to the Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) 2015 Conference in Toronto, which was held in April. Invaluable Lessons: Compensating Peer Research Associates in… Read more »

REACH 2.0 News & Events – May 2015

Connecting with our network coast to coast In this issue: New Study on Point-of-Care Testing in Atlantic Canada Spring in Manitoba: Two Events on the Way Témoigner en public de sa séropositivé, ça donne quoi? Harm Reduction, Addiction and Mental Health: CBR Priorities in Action REACH 2.0 Initiative: Addressing Health Inequities and Improving Health Outcomes… Read more »

STOP HIV/AIDS Monitoring Reports for Q4 2014

As part of the BC-CfE’s mandate to evaluate the outcomes of STOP HIV/AIDS® programming in BC, we have developed quarterly HIV/AIDS monitoring reports. These reports provide up-to-date data on a variety of key HIV-related surveillance and treatment indicators. Selection of these indicators was achieved through a collaborative process with various Health Authority (HA) representatives. There… Read more »

REACH 2.0 Program Science in Practice Event

Join the REACH 2.0 Team for its Program Science in Practice Event, a CAHR 2015 Ancillary Event being held on April 30th, 2015 from 9am – 4pm Program science is quickly becoming recognized as a key approach to designing, implementing and evaluating effective, efficient, evidenced based interventions. With its emphasis on collaboration between the science that studies… Read more »

REACH 2.0 research centre launches new website

REACH 2.0 is a nation-wide, innovative, virtual laboratory for intervention research, participatory evaluation, and applied program science in HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections. This research centre is a partnership that includes people living with HIV/AIDS, community based organizations, front-line service providers, health researchers, and federal, provincial, and regional policy makers…. Read more »

Bloodlines Magazine Evaluation – We Need Your Feedback!

Red Road HIV/AIDS Network is conducting an evaluation of their Bloodlines Magazine. Bloodlines is a full colour magazine featuring Aboriginal Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (APHA). This magazine offers a forum in which APHA’s can share their personal experiences, discuss issues affecting them, offer advice and suggestions to their peers. The evaluation of Bloodlines aims to explore potential benefits… Read more »

Have you ever conducted or commissioned an evaluation that sat on the shelf collecting dust following its completion? The Canadian Evaluation Society is hosting an upcoming webinar on Translating Evaluation Findings Into Action, led by evaluator Kylie Hutchinson. See below for a description of the webinar. Every evaluator wants to see their findings used to drive… Read more »

2015 – International Year of Evaluation

EvalPartners, the global movement to strengthen national evaluation capacities has declared that 2015 will be the International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear). The aim of designating 2015 as the International Year of Evaluation is to advocate and promote evaluation and evidence-based policy making at international, regional, national and local levels. EvalPartners invites interested individuals and organizations to join this global movement… Read more »

The American Evaluation Association is hosting a 20-minute webinar on Time-Saving Tips and Tricks for Low-Cost Data Visualization. See below for a full description of the webinar. Are you interested in data visualization and reporting but concerned you don’t have the skills, tools, or time to implement best practices? Are you worried that it would take too… Read more »

Have you heard about evaluation, know its important, but don’t really know how to incorporate it into your work? The American Evaluation Association is hosting an upcoming eStudy titled, “Practical Evaluation: An Overview and Introduction for Those New to Evaluation”. See below for a full description of the eStudy course. “This course is an introduction to… Read more »

The Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) is hosting an upcoming webinar on Cross Cultural and International Evaluations. See below for a description of the webinar from the CES. There are many aspects of cross cultural and international evaluations that are similar to other types of evaluation work. However, some practises are particularly important, and they are the focus… Read more »