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The Attribution Dilemma in Evaluation

How do you know if your program or intervention is responsible for outcomes that are being observed? If it is apparent that the program is playing a role, how much of an influence is the intervention having on observed outcomes? These questions often challenge evaluators and are commonly referred to as the “attribution versus contribution”… Read more »

Program Evaluation Examples From Start to Finish

When developing an evaluation project, it can be useful to review examples of evaluations that have been conducted in the past. The Community Toolbox developed by the University of Kansas describes the steps taken to evaluate a number of community-based programs in the past. To access this useful resource, click here. As mentioned in a… Read more »

In the last decade, “evidence-based decision making” has been described as a best practice across multiple contexts and settings. The process of how to actually make evidence-based decisions is less clear. The CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention has developed an interactive web resource developed that supports practitioners in making evidence-informed decisions.The American Evaluation Association is… Read more »

Evaluation stakeholders are becoming less interested in reading lengthy, formal evaluation reports. InsightShare, a data visualization consulting firm, has proposed a new and engaging way to share evaluation results – Photostories. On a recent blog post by the American Evaluation Association, they describe photostories as a new format developed by InsightShare for sharing project case… Read more »

AEA 365: Tip-a-Day on Evaluation

Are you interested in learning useful evaluation tips from experts around the world? The American Evaluation Association sponsors a blog that is dedicated to highlighting Hot Tips, Cool Tricks, Rad Resources, and Lessons Learned related to evaluation. The blog, called “AEA 365: Tip-a-Day on Evaluation” features a post a day from and for evaluators around the globe…. Read more »

The American Evaluation Association is hosting a webinar on the use of crowdsourcing in evaluation. As defined by the webinar presenter Tarek Azzam crowdsourcing is, “the process of using the power of the many individuals (i.e. the crowd) to accomplish specific tasks.” Azzam explains that the idea of crowdsourcing is not new, but due to… Read more »

Evaluation Planning Tool

When starting an evaluation project, there are so many different options (i.e. methods, strategies, processes) and approaches available that it can be difficult to decide which to use. To assist with this and the larger evaluation planning process, Better Evaluation has developed a Rainbow Framework and Planning Tool that asks the reader a series of… Read more »

Evaluation Capacity Checklist

Research has shown that successful nonprofit organizations tend to be armed with a foundational understanding of evaluation. But what does a “foundational understanding of evaluation” involve? The Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health has developed an Evaluation Capacity Checklist that assesses key elements in building and sustaining an organization’s capacity for evaluation… Read more »

Evaluation on a Shoestring

Non-profit organizations have been coming up with a variety of ways to conduct evaluation work with less resources. Conducting evaluation work on a budget can mean different things, such as reducing the budget for an external evaluation or having no budget to contract externally but having access to advice for quality assurance. Whatever your budget,… Read more »

What sets apart nonprofits that are making a real difference in their communities from those that always seem to be struggling? Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) demonstrates that effective monitoring and evaluation work is the answer; more and more high-performing organizations seek and use data and feedback to continually assess and improve their work. GEO argues… Read more »

Evaluation Training for Leaders of Non-Profits

Are you an Executive Director or Program Manager who is interested in building your program evaluation skills? On Wednesday, April 10th Alison Brewing Consulting will be holding a one-day training session for you – Evaluation 101: What Every Non-Profit Leader Needs to Know. The training will focus on things like: the role of program logic models… Read more »

On March 26th, Hippy Canada will be hosting a free symposium for non-profit agencies committed to navigating social and economic change and strategic philanthropists. This one-day event will give you a solid theoretical grounding in performance management; leading-edge examples from Canadian and US social sectors; and concrete tools and skills for strengthening your performance management work…. Read more »