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Community-based research (CBR) is an approach that puts community partnerships at the heart of the research process. CBR approaches are collaborative; focused on change; and inclusive. Community-based research begins with community-identified needs, explores research questions, then brings findings back to community. Community identifies the most important pieces learned through research and how to communicate them… Read more »

Dan Wilson joined the Pacific AIDS Network team in November 2017 as the Knowledge Translator for the Positive Living, Positive Homes Study. As with other staff members, he’s been asked to introduce himself with our 5 Questions With….  challenge. Dan can be reached via email.    What first piqued your interest in HIV research? After being diagnosed… Read more »

How PAN’s values impact research and evaluation The GIPA/MIPA principles of inclusive and meaningful involvement are part of Pacific AIDS Network’s (PAN) core values, as described in our strategic plan and organizational values and approaches. We try our best to embed these values in all of our work, including all stages of PAN-facilitated participatory research and… Read more »

PAN’s research and evaluation work is based on the principles of community-based research, which place community partnerships front and center. Researchers work with community to explore issues and decide what research questions to ask for the benefit of the community. CBR is by nature: Collaborative: The communities in which the research is taking place are full… Read more »

2017 UWW/REACH 2.0 Fellowship Awards Announced

Universities without Walls (fondly referred to as UWW) provides distance education “that moves people and HIV research evidence into practice, and practice into research.” Projects are community-based enquiry to benefit community outcomes. UWW principles include openness, collaboration, plain language, and making research skills visible and accessible to all involved. UWW offers e-learning options you can access… Read more »

The Pacific AIDS Network is pleased to share findings from the BC component of a CIHR-funded community-based research study that investigated the impact of food insecurity on health outcomes of people living with HIV in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. As part of the knowledge-to-action activities for this project, a briefing note and fact sheet were… Read more »

Capacity Bridging: Reciprocity at Work In Research

  Janice Duddy, PAN’s Director of Evaluation and Community-Based Research, had the opportunity to speak with Sherri Pooyak, the Community Based Research Manager with the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network/Aboriginal HIV & AIDS CBR Collaborative Centre (AHA Centre), about an interesting new idea called capacity bridging. ‘Capacity-bridging’ is an emerging term proposed by the AHA Centre… Read more »

  The Pacific AIDS Network takes evidence-based action and accountability seriously. We want to make sure we continue to learn within the organization to improve programs and practices for our members and stakeholders, as well as the people our members serve. In 2015, we developed a tool to do just that. The Members’ and Stakeholders’… Read more »

  The best CBR is done when community members work closely with researchers who have strong training in methodologies, and when academics work closely with community members who understand the needs/concerns of populations most affected by HIV as well as the challenges of delivering programs and services. Through this process, communities learn more about research… Read more »

We are so pleased to announce that PAN was successful in our proposal to CIHR under the Collaborative Centres of HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research competition. This news means that the CIHR CBR Collaborative: A Program of REACH (CBR Collaborative 2.0) will continue and that there will be sustained regional and national support through the CBR Collaborative… Read more »

Part 2 of a 2-part series   |   Read Part 1 This post is Part 2 in our two-part series related to Pacific AIDS Network’s (PAN) oral and poster presentations at this year’s Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) Conference in Montreal, QC. The first post in the series focused on Jaydee Cossar’s oral… Read more »