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Our _ Community Health Initiative (O_CHI): O_CHI is a multi-year, BC-wide Community-Based Participatory Research Project that is investigating what systemic change would be for the T2NBY (Trans, Two-Spirit, and Non-Binary) Community. O_CHI is a mixed methodology research project that establishes ongoing community resources to accomplish its objectives, while maintaining a commitment to equitable access by… Read more »

Announcing the HIV Housing Toolkit!

PAN is delighted to announce the launch of its HIV Housing Toolkit! Explore the HIV Housing Toolkit by visiting This Toolkit was developed as part of knowledge translation for the community-based research study Positive Living, Positive Homes. Many people who participated in this study expressed a need for this kind of tool as it… Read more »

Webinar: Working With Peer Research Associates

Updated December 17, 2019: In this KnowledgeConnect webinar, Peer Research Associates (PRAs) from the BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index reflected on their experiences working on the project, and shared their thoughts on best practices to teams which include or are thinking of including PRAs in their work. These experiences will illuminate and expand… Read more »

A new commentary by Francisco Ibáñez-Carrasco, James R. Watson and James Tavares published in September in Harm Reduction Journal provides learnings and recommendations for teams working with and supporting peer researchers (PRs). This commentary discusses “implicit tasks” that PRs must undertake, in addition to the work that is laid out for them on paper: “disclosing… Read more »

Get Involved in the Next Stages of the Stigma Index!

The BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index study team is growing! We are looking for people with lived experience of HIV to join both our study team (this commitment includes regularly attending study team meetings and reviewing/providing feedback on BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index materials) and three advisory committees. You are also… Read more »

Trans Pulse Canada Survey

Trans PULSE Canada is a community-based survey of the health and well-being of trans and non-binary people in Canada. The Trans PULSE Canada team is a majority-trans group of community and academic researchers from across Canada. Together we bring more than 180 person-years of experience on more than 80 community-based research studies. Trans PULSE Canada… Read more »

PAN presents: Positive Living, Positive Homes at CAHR 2019

The 2019 Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) conference was held in Saskatoon in April. As part of our work around community-based research, we presented findings from the Positive Living, Positive Homes study in a poster session. Our poster discussed findings around disclosure and stigma surrounding housing for people living with HIV. To see greater… Read more »

Report: POZ EFFECT Online Conference

  The POZ Effect two-day and online-only conference was organized to contribute to the understanding and reduction of HIV Stigma in Canada.1 It was held synchronously (in real time) online on Thursday, June 13th, 2019 from Noon EST to 5 pm EST (Toronto time). The detail of the conference is posted in our website…. Read more »

We’re happy to welcome Joanna Mendell, who recently joined the Research and Evaluation department as the Making it Work Research Project Coordinator. Read the Meet the People at PAN series.   What first piqued your interest in the HIV/ hepatitis C  sector? It’s hard to say what first piqued my interest in HIV as it has… Read more »

Get to Know This Great Tool for Reports and More

This blog is to share a cool resource that will allow evaluation findings to be shared in more engaging way. The application of this resource can go beyond evaluations, of course! In thinking about an alternative to a long, boring, 30-page evaluation report, I came across a cool tool called Slidedocs from reading Kylie Hutchinson’s… Read more »

I had the privilege of attending the 51st National Congress on Housing and Homelessness in April 2019, and presenting the findings of Positive Living Positive Homes (PLPH) study (click here for the PLPH presentation and click here for all Congress materials). As housing and homeless was the focus of Congress, rather than HIV, I shared… Read more »