Mission, Strategic Directions, Values and Approaches



Working collaboratively, the Pacific AIDS Network builds the capacity and skills of its member organizations, including people with lived experience, to effectively address HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and related communicable diseases and conditions.


Strategic Directions

We pursue four strategic directions to fulfill our mission:

  1. Maximize our member organizations’ programs and services
  2. Strengthen our governance to serve our expanded mission
  3. Build capacity in innovative and relevant community-based research and evaluation
  4. Strengthen PAN’s organizational capacity to ensure our effectiveness


Our values and approaches guide how we design, carry out and evaluate our work, and how we form and maintain our partnerships. We begin with community-identified needs, follow with carefully considered data, and deliver results for community development, skills building and action.


Inclusive, Meaningful Involvement: In all our work we strive to include a diversity of people with lived experience of HIV, hepatitis C, and related communicable diseases and conditions, and to ensure meaningful opportunities for their involvement as leaders.

Collaboration and Partnerships: We encourage and support partnerships to strengthen our members and to provide the highest quality services and outcomes.

Excellence and Innovation: We support the exploration of creative and practical ideas to benefit communities in BC.

Evidence-Based: We use and promote access to the best, most relevant research and community-based knowledge to improve policies, practices, and programs impacting PAN’s work and the people our members serve.

Accountability and Stewardship: We are accountable to our membership and stakeholders, adhering to the highest standards or professional integrity, ensuring transparency, timely reporting, and the best use of our resources in achieving our goals.



Continuing Our HIV/AIDS Legacy: We honour the pivotal importance and role of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in our past and present work. As we evolve as a network, we will continue to facilitate the involvement of PLHIV within the network and in supporting our members’ needs.

Social Change: We are committed to reducing health inequities, stigma, and discrimination by recommending and acting to successfully address key contributing social and economic factors.

Harm Reduction: We apply a harm reduction framework and work to support evidence-based policies, programs and practices that focus on keeping people safe, and minimizing death, disease and injury associated with higher risk behaviours.


Visioning Documents:

PAN’s Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018 (pdf)

PAN’s Strategic Plan Infographic 2013 – 2018 (pdf)


Annual Reports


Society Documents:

PAN was incorporated as a not-for-profit Society on July 18, 2003.

PAN Constitution and Bylaws 2018


Organizational Documents:

PAN’s Code of Ethics

PAN’s Code of Conduct

PAN’s Code of Conduct Related to Board of Directors

PAN’s Research Integrity Policy