Membership Application


Thank you for your organization’s interest in becoming a member of the Pacific AIDS Network (PAN).

As part of the governance changes at PAN, the following Bylaw describes organizations that can now be accepted as members, the role of the Board, and the process:

(Bylaw 5) Any British Columbia incorporated non-profit organization subscribing to the mission, purposes and bylaws of the society; having HIV, hepatitis C and/or related programming as part of their operations; and meeting such other criteria as may be adopted by the directors from time to time; may apply for membership in the society. The application will be assessed by the directors who will give a recommendation to the members, and, upon acceptance by ordinary resolution of the members, the applicant shall become a member.

Next step:  If your organization fits under this Bylaw, please submit the PAN Membership Application form. It contains important information, the Board assessment criteria (policy) and application instructions. Please submit no less than 30 days before an AGM.

If the Board endorses the application, it is passed on to the membership.  All applications must be moved by an existing member agency at a PAN Annual General Meeting (AGM), and must be accepted by majority vote of PAN’s membership.

If you have any questions about this membership application, please contact Simon Goff, PAN’s Executive Assistant, at [email protected].

Please note: As of Oct 30 2018, PAN has one class of full, voting membership.  The former class of associate member no longer exists.