Interested in Joining the PAN Board?


Board Roles and Responsibilities

The elected or appointed board members oversee the activities of PAN, and as a collective group, the Board is the governing body of PAN organization. PAN Board members establish broad policies and objectives, such as organization’s vision, values and strategic directions, with the help of the Executive Director and staff. Board members are expected to support the Executive Director and staff in ensuring PAN activities and initiatives follow the organizational mission, mandate and strategic plan. Other roles include approving annual budgets and keeping the organization’s performance accountable to relevant stakeholders.


How many seats are there?

There are a total of 12 seats on the Board, half of which are designated for persons living with HIV (PLHIV), and the other half being open or “non-designated” seats, meaning they may be occupied by PLHIV or not.

The five geographically-based health regions (Northern, Interior, Fraser, Vancouver, Vancouver Island) and the Provincial Health Services region each takes two seats, one designated PLHIV seat and one “open seat” on the PAN Board.



What are the duties and requirements for all Board members?


What are the ideal qualifications of a PAN Board member?

  • Experience and knowledge about HIV/AIDS and related issues including hepatitis C, harm reduction, etc.
  • Ideally minimum of two years experience working/volunteering in the field
  • Past Committee or Board work experience
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to look at the “big picture” and think strategically
  • Prepared to connect with people and agencies in your region and represent their concerns and interests
  • Having the time and energy to commit to this volunteer experience
  • Team player – knowing what you bring to the table and being open to what others bring as well
  • Willingness to learn, get involved and stay engaged
  • Enthusiasm, curiosity and a sense of humour


How do people join the Board?

There are two ways in which a person can join the Board of Directors of PAN. The first is by successfully running for election at the PHA Forum and/or the AGM. Board terms are for two years.

The second is by being appointed by the sitting Board of Directors to fill a vacant seat.  If appointed by the Board during the year, that person must then run for election at the next AGM.

In either case, any person interested in joining the Board must complete an application form and also have the written endorsement of their PAN member organization/sponsoring agency. 

If a board of director wishes to stay on PAN board, she/he may run for subsequent election(s) as an incumbent once her/his term is over (based on 2-year terms).

The board is responsible for reviewing all applications and bringing recommendations forward to the membership regarding which candidates the sitting Board wishes to endorse at any given Forum/AGM election. All complete applications received by the deadline, will be provided to the membership in advance of the Fall conference. Please note that PAN no longer accepts nominations from the floor (effective 2016).

Download the application form and send your completed application, and related documents (including CV/resume, as well as letter of endorsement from a PAN member organization) to Simon Goff at [email protected]

Any initial questions or clarifications you can also call Simon at 250.891.5249.