What would it take to bring same-day hepatitis C diagnosis and treatment starts to Canada? A virtual panel

from Action Hepatitis Canada

While Ontario is the only province with a six-month wait period for a second RNA test, other provinces and territories have their own barriers to confirming a diagnosis and starting treatment quickly.

Ideally, a patient could get tested for hepatitis C, receive their diagnosis, and start treatment ALL on the same day. This happens in Egypt, Myanmar, and now in Australia — so why not in Canada? What do we need to do to get access to point-of-care RNA tests?

Action Hepatitis Canada is planning a virtual panel discussion in November to examine these barriers more closely. We’ll hear from clinicians and from the community, and then we’ll discuss what needs to be done. The asks that come out of this event will shape AHC’s advocacy efforts moving forward, so if you have an interest or opinion on this topic, watch for more info coming soon.


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