P4W Memorial Collective Calls for Support

via the P4W Memorial Collective

The P4W Memorial Collective is an abolitionist group of women who were imprisoned at the federal Prison for Women, alongside women, trans and non-binary folks who have never been in prison, working together to create and enliven healing spaces and abolitionist dreams.

The Collective is concerned about the recently published Canadian Women’s Declaration; An Appeal to Repeal Bill C-16. This Appeal to Repeal Bill C-16 does not represent the voices of the vast majority of trans and and gender non-binary people, feminists, human rights advocates, prison abolitionists, prison reform advocates, and allies. The P4W Memorial Collective is circulating a petition and letter to counter the petition.


“We argue against the transphobic petition that wants all transgender prisoners kept in segregated areas away from general population prisoners, and even worse, argues that transgender people do not exist. They claim, for example that transgender women are really just ‘feminine men’.”


The Collective requests that allies to sign their petition and send it far and wide, with the hope to pressure Correctional Service Canada to respect the rights and freedoms of transgender people.

Sign the petition: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/protect-bill-c-16/


Learn more about the P4W Memorial Collective and their work.