Check It Out: New Module – “HIV Information for Housing Staff” – HIV Housing Toolkit

We heard from community that there was a need for accessible, clear information about HIV to support front-line staff working in housing. So, adapting content originally published by CATIE, we have created a new module for the HIV Housing Toolkit to do just this! This new module “HIV Information for Housing Staff” is the ninth module of the HIV Housing Toolkit, accessible at

This module contains 2 sections – “Information about HIV” and “HIV and housing”. These sections contain information about HIV and how it can and cannot be passed, as well as specific considerations for housing staff (such as thinking about protecting privacy and day-to-day considerations when working in housing). The module also contains a colour, downloadable graphic (which can also be printed as a poster!) that provides similar information.

We would love for you to check out Module 9, as well as all of the HIV Housing Toolkit! Please share widely with your networks and feel free to send us your thoughts, comments, and feedback!


Questions? Comments? Please contact Madeline Gallard, Community-Based Research Coordinator at [email protected].