PHSA COVID-19 Relief Funding for Community-Based Organizations

The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is offering one-time funding to community-based organizations (CBOs) in British Columbia to support their response to COVID-19. PHSA acknowledges that CBOs face various challenges to offering programming and services during a pandemic. The total amount of funds available is $700,000. The maximum that will be awarded per application is $20,000.

Examples of eligible relief fund expenses include safer smoking supplies, personal protective equipment, and food. Applicants must be a Pacific AIDS Network member organizations or members of the PHSA/PAN Collective Impact Network, however, partnerships and collaborations with organizations outside of these networks is encouraged. Please see the COVID-19 Relief Fund Guidelines at end of post for more details.

Proposals are due on Friday, June 19 and can be submitted to [email protected]. Any frequently asked questions will be posted to this page so all interested applicants have access to the same information.

PHSA is working to identify a way for organizations to order personal protective equipment through a central supplier. An inventory and price list will be posted here in the coming days.

Please use the funding application template at the bottom of this post for submissions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can organizations with branches or offices in different locations apply separately?

Yes, if one PAN member organization or PHSA CIN organization has offices in different regions, each branch is able to submit their own application.


Can the same PAN member organization or PHSA CIN organization submit multiple applications?

Yes, the same organization can submit multiple applications if each application reflects a different partnership. For example, an organization could submit one application for 20K for their organization and another application for 20K for supplies for another organization they are partnering with. One organization cannot submit two applications for themselves. The limit is 20K per application.


Is honorarium an eligible expense? If yes, is it included in the 5% staffing budget limit?

Yes honorarium is an eligible expense. All staffing, including honorariums and/or employee pay, should not exceed 5% of total application.


Read Complete Funding Guidelines

Personal Protective Equipment Request form

Safer Smoking Supply Order Form

Download submission template


Additional questions should be directed to [email protected]