Check It Out –  New Resource from the AHA Centre: “CAHR 2020 Virtual – Roadmap to Indigenous Presentations”

A new resource from the AHA Centre, “CAHR 2020 Virtual – Roadmap to Indigenous Presentations” provides a guide to Indigenous presentations (both oral and posters) from CAHR 2020 Virtual.  The Roadmap includes presentation titles and links to quickly access these presentations through the CAHR site (all oral presentations are available as Youtube videos and all virtual posters as in PDF form). It also includes quick links to access CAHR keynote and special session presentations.

Presentation/poster topics included on the Roadmap vary widely (from research approaches to describing prevention strategies and HIV care – and many more!). All presentations/posters provide great insights, information, and resources – browsing and accessing them is a great way to support your own learning in your work.

The Roadmap makes it very easy to scan through presentations/posters and view them on demand. We encourage you to take a look at this great resource and use it to guide your own learning!


Questions? Comments? Please contact Madeline Gallard, Community-Based Research Coordinator at [email protected].