Job Posting: Project Manager, Equip Health Care Study

EQUIP Health Care is now hiring a Project Manager for a project funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), “Pathways to Care for People Who Use Drugs: Equipping Health Care to Tackle Stigma, Discrimination and Inequity.”

Job Summary

An experienced Project Manager is needed for a project funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), “Pathways to Care for People Who Use Drugs: Equipping Health Care to Tackle Stigma, Discrimination and Inequity “. This project is being conducted across two provinces (ON, BC).

The project includes two intertwined lines of inquiry: a) examining how to effectively engage people with lived experiences of drug use stigma (PWLEDUS), and the possible processes required to foster meaningful input from PWLEDUS; b) developing tools and resources to effectively support health care providers in serving people who use drugs.

The Project Manager will be responsible for the overall management and coordination of multiple sub-projects across both provinces, and in collaboration with five partner organizations:

a) to undertake a systematic literature review as a foundation for processes for effective, meaningful engagement with people with lived experience of drug use stigma,
b) to enhance existing knowledge mobilization resources from the EQUIP program of research ( to optimize relevancy for people experiencing substance use stigma,
c) to develop a plan for ongoing development, scale up, sustainability and measurement of EQUIP resources, including considerations for translation into French, and
d) develop an e-learning curriculum tailored to services for experiencing substance use stigma.


Organizational Status

The Project Manager will report directly to the Principal Investigators, Drs. Colleen Varcoe, Annette Browne, Vicky Bungay and Nadine Wathen. Project staff, assistants and external consultants will report directly to the Research Manager. The Research Manager will work in collaboration with people in leadership positions within three provincial organizations, and two community health clinics who are partners, including community members, to achieve the goals of the project.


Work Performed

Strategic Project Leadership:
– Develop and refine a strategic project plan, with attention to the sustainability and reach of Knowledge Mobilization products, in collaboration with PIs, staff and community partners.
– Set priorities, goals and timelines for the overall project, and all sub-projects, with PIs, co-investigators, staff, community partners and other site staff.
– Oversee planning, management and handling of communications for the project, including regular updates on project activities
– Plan and organize team meetings and meetings with partner organizations; Coordinate agendas or other project/meeting activities with the UWO post-doc
– Collaborate with PIs in hiring of project assistant, Postdoctoral Fellows and consultants
– Lead and directly provide training and ongoing supervision and support to a team of project staff, including a project assistant, trainees, and contractors
– Submit and update ethics application and monitor research ethics procedures.
– Facilitate ongoing dialogue and decision-making regarding all project activities with community partners
– Oversee the management of UBC project office, including the set up and maintenance of files, data tracking and storage procedures as per protocols.
– Establish project file management and support communications within and among the team regarding systematic review and curriculum development activities.
– Prepare and monitor budgets, forecast future requirements as well as track expenses incurred according to agreed-upon processes between the two sites; Coordinate budget for a sub-contract with Western University.
– Exercise a high level of professional judgment and initiative in the overall management of the project, including overall coordination of the various sub-projects.
– Ensure that all aspects of the project run according to schedule, and that project objectives are met on time.
– Ensure timely notification to PIs of issues or problems.


Knowledge Mobilization (KTE):
– Develop plans for review and revision of all Knowledge Mobilization materials in collaboration with the PIs and other staff.
– Oversee contractors (web design, graphics, videography) contributing to revisions and new material and content development.
– Plan and organize planning meetings and revision activities.
– Develop various outputs including reports, academic papers, policy papers, press releases, documentary film and presentations, in collaboration with project team.
– Ensure consistency regarding logos, templates, and version control of all outputs.


Data Management and Analysis:
– Oversee field testing of revised and new modules and on-line materials in collaboration with PIs, staff and community partners.
– Oversee the management, cleaning, coding and analysis of field testing data (quantitative and qualitative).
– Conduct data analysis in collaboration with the project team.
– Set up systems to manage and track quantitative and qualitative data.
– Audit and monitor data collection to ensure the quality of data collected.

– Will perform other related duties as required.


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