Online AGM 2020… save the date!

This year’s online Annual General Meeting will take place on October 22nd 2020 in the afternoon (12-3 PM, to be confirmed) and will likely be a similar format to last year – i.e. a relevant keynote presentation followed by our network’s business meeting.


AGM 2019

Thanks to all who attended last October’s AGM and filled in the survey (here are the results, as well as all the documents, meeting minutes etc. for those who weren’t able to join us). As always we use evaluation to judge satisfaction and make improvements in the future.  Chad D was our survey draw winner!  Here are some highlights

  • Christy Sutherland’s keynote presentation – a Safer Drug Supply and the question of decriminalization – Almost 87% were satisfied or very satisfied with it and their knowledge increased… check it out!
  • In line with our changed bylaws, our members voted in our first designated indigenous voice and more PWLE (HIV and hep C) onto the Board.
  • 80% were satisfied (or very satisfied) with our first ever online AGM! Lots of good suggestions on how to solve some techie issues and increase voter transparency.

With finite resources and a desire to reduce our carbon footprint, the Board feels it makes sense for a 2hr business meeting to be virtual, allowing funds for in-person events where they are most needed.  Such as our peer gathering (SoLE) next week!  Our first event seemed to confirm this.


PAN Presents…

In 2019, PAN started providing a series of webinar events for members and allies to engage with their Regional Health Authorities, BCCDC, PHAC, and government Ministries in a new way, that better reflects our members’ requests to have more time for open Q&A and to be able to get community priorities on the table. This series evolved from past Fall Conference panels.  We are looking forward to webinars with both VCH and the BCCDC’s hep C testers cohort early next month.


All part of the Plan

All the work above falls under our Strategic Plan 2019-2024 that was presented last October – formulated through a process that engaged our members, staff and Board.  Some key differences are a substantially revised Values and Approaches including T&R calls to action. Here are the strategic directions that will guide our work over the next 5 years:

  • Strengthen knowledge-driven planning, decision-making, and implementation among PAN’s members and allies to respond to complex issues relating to HIV, hepatitis C and the social determinants of health
  • Strengthen our governance
  • Ensure our sustainability
  • *NEW* Provide a collective voice to respond to ongoing and emerging health and social justice issues


See you in October, if not before…


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