Webinar: Outside In: An Initiative to Reach gbMSM at All Levels of ‘Outness’

Date: March 18, 2020

Time: 10 AM Pacific time

Kiarmin Lari, Health Initiative for Men Health Promotion Program Coordinator

Darren Ho, Community-Based Research Centre, BC Regional Manager

This webinar will share what was learned from the formative research informing the Outside In intervention at HIM regarding the health and well-being of less-out GBT2Q. Our literature review and consultations with community members showed that compared to their more-out counterparts, less-out community members access HIV/STBBI testing services less frequently, are less familiar with combination prevention methods, experience particular mental health and stigma-related stressors and have weaker support networks. Informative interviews with dozens of less-out GBT2Q community members not only expanded on the barriers in a local context but also identified potential strategies to address those barriers. Major takeaways from the informative interviews include specific strategies healthcare providers can take such as discussing sexuality in behavioral terms and not in terms of identity, as well as the power of shifting perceptions of outness to ones that understand outness as fluid, context-dependent, and being on a spectrum.


Suggested Audiences:

  • Staff and volunteers from organizations dedicated to Gay Men’s Health
  • HIV and hepatitis C organization staff and volunteers
  • Mental Health service providers
  • Social Justice advocates for accessibility, equity, Indigenous Health and Queer Health
  • Community members and other allies


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