Get Involved in the Hepatitis C Leadership Project

We are looking for people with lived and/or living experience of hepatitis C who are interested in being on the Advisory Committee for the Hepatitis C Leadership Project.

This project is a peer-led initiative where hepatitis C community leaders will model their skills and knowledge to inspire other BC community members to embark on leadership journeys. The primary advisory committee objective will be to create a leadership training program for people with lived experience of hepatitis C. The majority of the committee work will explore community leadership program needs and designing a program that meets those needs. Read  the Terms of Reference for complete information on work involved.

Potential advisory committee members are people who:

  • believe in leadership strengthening of the hepatitis C community
  • have a collaborative work-spirit and are open to different perspectives
  • are strategy-thinkers and like to contribute ideas, knowledge, and experience
  • are supportive and encouraging of others with lived experience of hepatitis C
  • have assessed their own readiness and desire to be involved

We encourage a diversity of voices at the advisory table and welcome people with a diverse range of backgrounds (Indigenous peoples, people with a lived experience of drug use, newcomers, etc).

These Terms of Reference outline the work involved in the Advisory Committee.  If you are a person with lived hepatitis C experience and are interested in joining the advisory committee and reflect the personal qualities outlined, please contact Monte Strong, Hepatitis C Leadership Project Coordinator at 778-989-8073, or via email: [email protected]