Sex Now Online

Since 2002, Sex Now has provided a critical source of data on the health of our communities, first in BC, then expanding nationally in 2010 across Canada in order to inform innovative responses to our health needs. Our approach to this work is simple: nothing about us, without us.

To this end, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Sex Now Online 2019! We’re working with activists and community groups across the country (nearly 100 of them) to reach folks across our diverse communities. By adding your voice to this conversation, you can provide crucial information on the health and wellness of our communities today.

This evidence will be used by CBRC and our community partners across the country to improve and advocate for the health of our communities. Your contributions through Sex Now will inform new, creative, and community-informed strategies to make health services and interventions more effective and accessible.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sex Now Online 2019 or finding out how you can add your voice, please visit