Hepatitis C Basics and Hepatitis C Treatment courses: Register Now

Did you know that hepatitis C can be passed sexually and that some gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM) might be at risk? CBRC and CATIE are sending you this invitation to register for a seven-week Hepatitis C Basics and Hepatitis C Treatment course starting on September 3 and ending with a face-to-face meeting in Vancouver on October 30, 2019. These highly interactive courses engage participants through on-line learning modules, discussion boards, case studies and an in-person training.  They require up to one hour a week of engagement only.


Hepatitis C is widely known to be passed blood to blood, such as through re-using drug use or tattooing equipment. However, hepatitis C can also be passed sexually. This is not common, but the risk increases with certain factors such as condomless anal sex, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, sex where blood is present, group sex, and chemsex.


Knowledge of hepatitis C prevention, modes of transmission, treatment, the fact that there is a cure, and reinfection is important for folks who are, or work with, gbMSM as some groups of gbMSM are at risk for the sexual transmission of hepatitis C. We will learn this through this course and engage in discussion of how it all relates to gbMSM.


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