Trans Pulse Canada Survey

Trans PULSE Canada is a community-based survey of the health and well-being of trans and non-binary people in Canada.

The Trans PULSE Canada team is a majority-trans group of community and academic researchers from across Canada. Together we bring more than 180 person-years of experience on more than 80 community-based research studies.

Trans PULSE Canada is designed as a research survey and voluntary community census. It’s for everyone, and there is even a 10-minute short form if you can’t complete the whole 70-minute survey. The project also has nine priority populations, groups within trans and non-binary communities for which we either have very little information or have specific policy-related information needs. So, if you are a member of one of these groups—non-binary, living with a disability, Indigenous, rural, sex worker, racialized, immigrant, youth, or elder—you may notice some questions specific to these groups, and we have some separate analysis and reports planned.

To participate in the survey, you must be aged 14 or older, live in Canada, and have a gender identity that differs from the sex you were assigned at birth. You don’t have to identify personally as transgender, trans, or non-binary, you don’t have to be living day-to-day in your true gender, and you don’t have to be taking hormones.

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Image: Chris Martin, Pixabay