Know Your Rights Handbook

Pivot Legal Society has launched Know Your Rights: A guide for people who rely on public space. This guide is a toolkit designed for people who rely on public space and regularly interact with law enforcement figures, including police, bylaw officers, and private security guards, due to their living conditions.

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In tandem with the research and publication of Project Inclusion, Pivot staff have been consulting with community groups and individuals who rely on public space and experience heightened surveillance and harassment. Between 2018-19 we held feedback sessions that informed the development of this resource. The resulting toolkit provides basic information about legal rights and practical actions people can take when they are confronted by enforcement figures in public spaces.

This resource is also intended to provide legal information to advocates and service provides so that they can better support and advocate for people who rely on public space.

For more information or to request hardcopies of the report please contact:

Meenakshi Mannoe
Manager of Community Education
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 604-255-9700 ext. 164