Get to Know This Great Tool for Reports and More

This blog is to share a cool resource that will allow evaluation findings to be shared in more engaging way. The application of this resource can go beyond evaluations, of course!

In thinking about an alternative to a long, boring, 30-page evaluation report, I came across a cool tool called Slidedocs from reading Kylie Hutchinson’s book, A Short Primer on Innovative Evaluation Reporting.

Slidedocs are a happy middle between PowerPoint slides and wordy document. They give you more detail than presentation slides would, but also organize the information in a visually captivating way that wordy documents and reports do not. To me, they feel like a picture storybook for adults. The author of Slidedocs, Nancy Durante says they are “visual documents, developed in presentation software, that are intended to be read and referenced…”

The part I like the most is Nancy Duarte made it a free resource so you can download the Slidedocs templates as well as the how-to on writing, designing and delivering Slidedocs. Look for the small black “Download Slidedocs” button in the middle of the page here. Check it out!


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