Training for Service Providers Who Provide Care to Trans Women with HIV


The TEACHH workshop has been designed as a 3-hour session for care providers looking to learn more about HIV prevention, treatment, and support for trans women.

The training will be delivered by trans women. During this training, we plan to have providers:

1) discuss human rights for trans women and think about different types of discrimination trans women may face such as transphobia, racism, sexism, sex work stigma, and HIV stigma;

2) teach providers about common words to express gender identity and expression and develop their basic understanding of trans healthcare, HIV prevention (e.g., pre-exposure prophylaxis) and HIV treatment (e.g., antiretroviral therapy) and how these types of healthcare affect trans women with HIV;

3) talk about what it means to be trans-affirming in their work and how they can make their organizations more trans-affirming; and

4) have participants complete a case study where they can apply what they have learned. These case studies will address issues affecting trans women who are immigrants/newcomers, trans women who are living with HIV, and trans women who experience other vulnerabilities, like homelessness.



Chavisa Horemans at [email protected]


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