What supports housing and health for people living with HIV in BC? Positive Living, Positive Homes Study Findings

PAN is pleased to announce the launch of our new whiteboard video, “What supports housing and health for people living with HIV in BC?”, as part of our ongoing knowledge translation and sharing of findings for our community-based research study, Positive Living Positive Homes (PLPH). We decided to develop this whiteboard explainer video to help share some of these findings in an innovative way, as well as give a quick overview of PLPH – where it has been, and where it is headed moving forward.

PLPH is a community-based research study that looks at the experiences of people living with HIV (PLHIV) surrounding housing and health, and explores how housing and HIV services and policies affect PLHIV’s health and wellbeing. During our data collection phase, we interviewed people living with HIV, policy-makers, and service providers in 3 study sites (Prince George, Kamloops, and Greater Vancouver). PLHIV were interviewed twice, with the second interview happening approximately a year after the first.

Since the completion of data collection, PAN has been sharing PLPH  findings on an ongoing basis, to ensure the study communities are getting their data back to support the programs and services. We also hope that these findings will be useful and impactful to other communities throughout BC. All knowledge translation resources and materials developed by PLPH including blogs, webinar videos, presentation slides and academic posters are posted on the PLPH webpage.


We hope you enjoy the video, and we welcome any feedback or questions you may have about it or PLPH as a whole. Thanks for watching!