Smash HIV Stigma: seeking serodifferent couples across Canada

CATIE, Canada’s leading source for HIV information, is developing a new HIV awareness media campaign. CATIE seeks the participation of magnetic couples (wherein one member is HIV+ but the other isn’t) of all sexualities, genders and races. The project aims to educate Canadians that people who are effectively treated for HIV do not pass the virus on to sexual partners. Selected pairs will earn $500 for a half-day of their time.

This will be a series of short, online videos (plus posters and postcards) and take a fun, light-hearted approach. They will have a similar feel to this Buzzfeed video.

The production company working with CATIE is looking for couples from in and around Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and are particularly keen to hear from applicants of diverse ethnicities.

Visit Real People Casting to learn more about this project and apply.