Contribute to Education about Homelessness and Health

Via Community Voices in Health Professional Education Newsletter.

Can you help with a homelessness curriculum project?

UBC Medical student Alec Yu is leading an initiative to design curriculum that addresses the effects of housing and homelessness on health.

Starting in July, the curriculum will be piloted for third-year medical students during their family medicine rotations across the province. It will have an on-line component as well as a local face-to-face learning opportunity for students to speak with individuals who have lived experience.

The goal is to teach students about what homelessness can look like around BC, how to sensitively identify who is having challenges with housing, and how these patients meet their medical and social needs.

UBC Patent & Community Partnership for Education is assisting Alec to include examples of people’s lived experiences in the on-line module to make the issues come alive for students and challenge some of the assumptions that students may have.

If you have lived experience of homelessness or housing problems and its effects on health and well-being that you would be willing to share with students, please contact [email protected] for more information.