SexED SOGI123 Candidate List

Sex Ed is Our Right is a campaign developed and launched by YouthCO HIV and Hep C Society in partnership with Community Based Research Centre. We are calling for more LGBTQ+ inclusive and relevant sexual health education in BC classrooms.

We know that more HIV intervention and education can be happening at the youth level. We also know, from YouthCO’s peer-led report that for LGBTQ+ youth to have better sexual health experiences in school, we need to make classrooms safer and more inclusive. That leads us to SOGI 1 2 3  which is a resource to help teachers create safer classrooms for LGBTQ+ students. As part of this campaign, we are highlighting what School Board Trustee Candidates in BC think about this resource. BC’s elections for School Board Trustees is on Oct 20th, and we hope that this webpage is a good resource for those looking to find out what their local candidates think about creating safer, more LGBTQ+ friendly classrooms. This is a direct link to our list of School Trustee Candidates and their thoughts on SOGI 1 2 3. It is not too late to send this link out to School Board Trustees in your area to get them listed on the page. This page is being updated daily. On the page, there is a link to a form for School Board Trustees to fill out if they want to be on the site. Circulate widely!